A beginner’s guide to the French elections

France is about to pick a new president. C’est bien, you say, but you’re still recovering from the tectonic shifts of 2016. (Brexit! Trump!) You really should pay attention, though. One of Europe’s most important countries could end up being run by a far-right leader or someone who’s never held elected office. Either way, the result will ripple across the globe.

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Sec. Kelly: DHS not targeting ‘dreamers’

The Department of Homeland Security is not targeting “dreamers” for deportation, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Sunday, telling CNN’s Dana Bash that the department has “many, many more important criminals to go after and get rid of.”

from CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/21/politics/trump-dreamers/index.html
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